What is VAL?

VAL  is a subsidiary of the VS Technology Corporation that specializes in designing and manufacturing LED lighting and power supplies in Thailand. We develop our products for the global machine vision market.
Our goal is to effectively support our clients' various lighting application needs in the vision field.

VS Technology (Thailand) was certified ISO14001: Environmental management systems as of  August 2016.
We continue to address the environmental issues and increase awareness of environmental policy within the organization.

ISO9001 certification was successfully registered and obtained as of August 2016.


Advantage for Customer

We always keep closely listening and considering what the customer needs in order to catch-up the latest market demands and grow together with customer. Additionally, our compact business organization enables us to take action as fast as possible to generate the highest customer satisfaction.

VAL Offers the products answering customer's needs in terms of, Quality / Price / Delivery / Support.

We offer not only Lighting but also Lens to our customer as a professional optical solution provider. Since VS Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.. is one of subsidiary company of VS Technology Corp. (Japan). VST has a strong line-up of Machine Vision Lens and Surveilance Lens. So we can provide the best solution from our wide product range to various application as a manufacturer.


Our Network


  • VS Technology Corp. (Japan/Tokyo)
  • VST Europe AG (Switzerland)
  • VST Europe B.V. (Netherlands)
  • OptiRom Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
  • OptiRom Co., Ltd. (Shanghai)
  • VST Taiwan LTD. (Taiwan)
  • VST Korea LTD. (Korea)
  • VST America (Chicago Office)

Our Market

We're supporting for wide range of industries which require the vision system, such as...

Flat Panel Display (FPD)



* WARRANTY * (for VAL Lighting products only)

Warranty Period : 2 years from VS Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. shipped date.

Please contact us if you have question.


1: VS Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. will repair or replace the product with free of charge if it should fail to function under use on specified condition in accordance with the instruction guide and other written cautions during the indicated warranty period of two years.

2: VS Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. will charge a repair fee under the following conditions;
2.1) In case of the product has been subjected to misuse or modify from its original design.
2.2) In case of the product has been damaged from impacts due to inappropriate handling.
2.3) In case of damaged to the product result from external causes including Accidents, Fire, Pollution, Riots, Communication Failures,Earthquakes, Thunderstorms, Wind and Flood damage, or any other act of providence, or from any extraordinary conditions such as Electrical

3: VS Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd. assumes no liability for any user’s secondary damage (Damage of equipment, Loss of opportunities, Loss of profits, etc.) or any other damage resulting from a failure of our product.

This warranty information provides the scope of VS Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd’s product warranty within the specified period, and does not indicate or imply any further guarantee beyond the warranty terms and conditions.

* Please read “Instruction Manual” which is contained VAL original product’s package before you start to use in order to use VAL products with optimum performance and safety.

* Caution for UV (Ultraviolet) color products.
  • Never look directly at our tough an ultraviolet light source.
  • Do not look at the radiating surface of the light unit directly while it is turn on. Also do not turn it towards others.
  • During the operation, always wear protective UV glasses and be sure not to let any UV light enter your eyes.
  • During the operation, please wear long sleeves and gloves and do not expose your skin to the UV light.
  • Make sure that everyone in the vicinity of the light unit is aware of the dangers of UV light LEDs.
* Specification and dimensions of all of VAL products are subject to change without notice.

Awards and Licenses

  • UKAS ISO14001
  • UKAS ISO9001
  • NSC ISO14001
  • NSC ISO9001
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