VL-TLN series

Telecentric Lighting
  • Suitable for High-accuracy measurement.
  • Improve the DOF of image with Telecentric lens for camera side.
  • Enables to get the image with high-level edge contrast.
  • Suitable application is, Metal parts / Medical equipment / Electronics etc.
  • RoHS compliant.
    *Holder parts is anĀ optional prodcut, is not in a standard package.


MODEL NO. COLOR Lighting Area Dia. (MM) Power Consumption (MAX.) Recommended Controller
VL-TLN30R Red 30 700mA / 2.1 V VLC-07A10-1
VL-TLN30W White 30 700mA / 3.2 V VLC-07A10-1
VL-TLN30B Blue 30 700mA / 3.2 V VLC-07A10-1
VL-TLN30G Green 30 700mA / 3.2 V VLC-07A10-1
VL-TLN60R Red 60 700mA / 2.1 V VLC-07A10-1
VL-TLN60W White 60 700mA / 3.2 V VLC-07A10-1
VL-TLN60B Blue 60 700mA / 3.2 V VLC-07A10-1
VL-TLN60G Green 60 700mA / 3.2 V VLC-07A10-1
VL-TLN100R Red 100 700mA / 2.1 V VLC-07A10-1
VL-TLN100W White 100 700mA / 3.2 V VLC-07A10-1
VL-TLN100B Blue 100 700mA / 3.2 V VLC-07A10-1
VL-TLN100G Green 100 700mA / 3.2 V VLC-07A10-1
VL-TLN150R Red 150 700mA / 2.1 V VLC-07A10-1
VL-TLN150W White 150 700mA / 3.2 V VLC-07A10-1
  • VL-TLN is designed for up to 700mA output power source. can't use with 24V / 12V power supply such as VLP-2410-1, VLC-12V10-1 etc. without additional resistor box.
  • And the connector is SM connector (SMR-02V-B). please choose correct power source or controller for VL-TLN. Please ask us for more details.
    VL-TLN web sub1
Specification and dimensions are subject to change without notice.


sample TLN60 2

Sample Image 1 (Screw)

sample TLN60 1

Sample Image 2 (Bottle)

VST web LM telecen (944x649)

Large FOV Telecentric Lens (VS-THV / VS-TCM series)

RAU web

Optional Mirror unir for TLN30

OP RB (1024x768)

Optional resistor box (for 24V or 12V)

AD-TLN (1024x768)

Optional adapter (for TLN30 or TLN60)

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