VL-RGB series

RGB (Multi-color) Light
  • More than hundred color variation.
  • Compact design with light weight.
  • 3 channels (R/G/B) control.
  • Suitable for wide range application.
  • Suitable for vision engineer to find out the best color in the evaluation period.


MODEL NO. COLOR Dimension of Lighting Area (MM) Internal Ring Dia. / External Ring Dia. (MM) Dome Size (MM) Power Consumption (MAX.)
VL-B08030RGB RGB 80 x 30 - - 24V / 11.0 W
VL-DR5090RGB RGB - ID 50 / OD 90 - 24V / 9.9 W
VL-LRD153180RGB RGB - ID 153 / OD 180 - 24V / 28.8 W
VL-D200RGB RGB - - 200 24V / 32.0 W

Previous RGB lighting used individual LED in R/G/B color. When use just one color, we can use only 1/3 LED of the unit. And when we mix color, the light isn't fully even. Our new RGB lighting generates more even mixed color as shown in the picture below.

RGB sample old web           RGB sample new web            
Specification and dimension are subject to change without notice.
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