VL-CB-CL series

High Parallelism chip back light
  • Direct chip back light.
  • Higher brightness than standard VL-CB series.
  • Higher parallelism provide better image for measurement.
  • RoHS compliant.


MODEL NO. COLOR Dimension of Lighting Area X (MM) Dimension of Lighting Area Y (MM) POWER CONSUMPTION (MAX.)
VL-CB0909R-CL Red 90 90 24V / 5.2 W
VL-CB0909W-CL White 90 90 24V / 8.0 W
VL-CB0909B-CL Blue 90 90 24V / 8.2 W
VL-CB0909G-CL Green 90 90 24V / 10.0 W

Web BD CB0909W-CL 1

Brightness comparison between VL-CB-CL and VL-CB.

VL-CB-CL page sample 1
Even though the illuminace (lux) of VL-CB type is higher than VL-CB-CL, actual image brightness of VL-CB-CL type is much brightner than VL-CB type as shown above images. (left side imgae is VL-CB-CL, right side image is VL-CB.)

Sample image of VL-CB-CL.

VL-CB-CL sample image 2  
Specification and dimensions are subject to change without notice.
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