VL-AB-1 series

Advanced Bar Light
  • Suitable for long WD (>150mm).
  • Suitable for large FOV.
  • Compact design and light weight.
  • Require PWM control to adjust brightness.
  • M12 connector design. *except RGB model.
  • RoHS compliant.


MODEL NO. COLOR Dimension of Lighting Area X (MM) Dimension of Lighting Area Y (MM) POWER CONSUMPTION (MAX.) OTHER
VL-AB15030R-1 Red 150 30 24V / 9.2 W M12 connector
VL-AB15030W-1 White 150 30 24V / 9.2W M12 Connector
VL-AB30030R-1 Red 300 30 24V / 18.5 W M12 Connector
VL-AB30030W-1 White 300 30 24V / 18.5 W M12 Connector
VL-AB45030R-1 Red 450 30 24V / 27.7 W M12 Connector
VL-AB45030W-1 White 450 30 24V / 27.7 W M12 Connector
VL-AB15030RGB-E2 RGB (3CH control) 150 30 24V / 27.7 W 3Pin connector x3
VL-AB30030RGB-E2 RGB (3CH control) 300 30 24V / 55.4 W 3Pin connector x3
Web BD VL-AB15030W 1  
 *VL-AB-1 series require PWM control to adjust brightness.
Specification and dimensions are subject to change without notice.



VL-AB-1 series contain 2x M5 Hex nut at the back side of lighting unit. Flexible to adjust the nut position and easily attach to external mechanical parts.

OP M12 (1024x768)

VL-ECM12-3P / M12 - 3P adapter cable (L=500mm)

OP DP (1024x768)

Diffuser plate for VL-AB-1. DP-ABOOO30-02.


VL-AB-RGB-E2. RGB type. 3 x 3Pin connector.

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